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after birth, and the young mother receives especial
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years we were in the habit of saying, if the filter filters the water, what
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by the pancreatic juice, not in the stomach. He cites the following method of test-
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times quite profuse in quantity, and often so acrid as to produce
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taken from without, through the skin, for this purpose ;
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well-known apparatus for the administration of sulphur baths. This ap-
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vember — when out-of-door life at Atlantic City is for
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should obtain in chloroformization, cannot at present be ad-
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and small form, in whom there was a much greater disease of
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sarcinai, all suggest the benign condition; and the absence of cachexia
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abused his sexual powers to excess. For three months
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my close scrutiny than this, and yet, in an amended
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An interesting account of the disease, as it appeared in Glasgow, is
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and foramina of the " horn processes" of the frontal bones ; hence,
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was added to the world's knowledge of it until the end of the Middle
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did not succeed in producing a haemorrhage. The wound in the
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minorites, have already reached the utmost limits of useful discovery,
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supposition he points out that in Paris from Decem-
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mand of Colonel Pears, of the artillery, to join Sir Eyre Coote's army on
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Championniere a certain proportion of the cases of appendicu-
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Laird, John H 47 E. Buffalo Rd., Churchville, N. Y.
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peciiliar vital force, but merely by the light and heat
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Perhaps more can be done in this way than many pes-
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discharged the weapon often blackened, and sometimes still grasping the pistol.
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amount of new and valuable matter, in reference to the botany, commer-
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A very important question, however, arises. Is such substi-
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There are many advantages derived from making labor easy. First
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and this, at first, gave much difficulty, more especially
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accumulate until a large mass is formed. It is remarkable
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Coeliotomy, May 4, 1894. The omentum was adherent to the pari-
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misleading. If, however, figures mean anything in such small
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shall thus! mutually learn the community of our interests ;
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rates. If a percentage of your business car is a tax de-
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action of the bacteria and the Amoebae forming roundish or oval
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Epileptiform and apoplectiform seizures occur frequently dur-
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several days, but rarely longer than a week. In persons who do not
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usually appears during the first month after operation, coming on
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In some cases, however, the mischief spends its force on one organ, although
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know something of its physiological action and the pathological
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is insured by suture and the subsequent application of proper