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mentous spots developed scattered over the surface. They
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parotid gland a tumor of any kind disease of the ear or temporal
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sional over distension of the bladder with urine secondly to
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of glucose solutions of different concentrations within definite time
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ing cartilage is broad. No gross changes in femora or teeth.
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And here it is desirable to say that a Eemount Depot
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palpitation and tachycardia after each administration together with
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enabled one to exclude hysteria but it is sometimes
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perception in two oases blind in sfz oases not staled
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tion of energy made within a few years after his graduation.
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may be produced by pressure para umbilical subcostal and lumbar while
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ous disorders dependent on interference with the vascular struc
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as the symptoms are quite characteristic. Uterine abscess
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the Use of the Students of the Medical Department of the University
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statement with a certain misgiving when we remember how rare it is for
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introduction in the system of an infected animal or some
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self to the physician some two months after the accident a diag
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microbes which might perchance gain entrance into the
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and testing them for tuberculosis and that it is being so thoroughly carried
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part of the body. Dr. Bruce in his system gives photographs of
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physical or emotional avoided. Neglect of these precautions may be
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The demand for reciprocity in medical degrees b.tween Canada and
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The plaintiffs and the defendant differed only as to the means
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general enlargement. On the whole he thinks the subject is of
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sev m out of the sixteen men selected had Ijeen stu
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deposit in the joints. On the other hand excessive excretion
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ramifications of the hepatic artery are most often a result of endocar
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The abuse of fermented drinks induces therefore hydruria.
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an ordinary vaginal injection of sulphate of zinc in a non pregnant
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Because its dosage is more precisely controllable and because re
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group. A history of dyspnea on moderate exertion was commonly
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especially if the mixture be warmed with two volumes of concen
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forenoon. The dose was withheld until midnight and up to
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fever and pyaemia lends probability to this view of the
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content of the patient being dominated by details of
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assistant a tat. previously in good health Avas seized after
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fant was taken from the mother s breast and put upon
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while the cyst itself does not descend into the pelvis. Thb is obaerved
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meter attached to some large artery upon a revolving
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to be guarded against by the sufferer from chronic phthisis less
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lection of cases and of the writer s cases. Age The age incidence
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was doomed to confinement in the lonely dungeon and