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the animal be placed in the vertical feet-down posture, the brain and
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roux, add the allspice and mace and a little grated nutmeg, color
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made ; should this fail, chloroform or ether should be given, and then in some
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In New Hampshire, an endeavor to procure a miscarriage, by im-
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A careful inquiry by the surgeon into the hereditary
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time, so that he or she will be able to take advantage of a
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be arrested and the joint restored. The writer has no experience
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Generally speaking, it is prudent to allow a moderate quantity
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mentioned that James (^), in a youth ret. 20, found by the X-rays
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ous, for there are good reasons for believing that the renal functions are
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membrane of the nose show any tendency to become dry.
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in 429 B.C., when it raged at Athens, and that year or
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same side in conjunction with the external rectus of the opposite side, the
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part in the transactions of our meetings, he nevertheless displayed his
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^^ Luxum si quod est hac cantione sanum fiet, harun-
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their relaxation and stimulation ; whereby afterwards,
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administration of chloral, paraldehyde, amylene hydrate
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hands he is known as a pony; Cobs measure from 14 to 15^.
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edge of his mutilation. But, after all, the plan seems worthy of a
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remainder of the blade. A degree of force is therefore required,
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crowd, as the future cow may be ruined. Undue forcing
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Napoleon i., who seems to have quietly practised the method for
6. Prayer against colic. Title and beginning : ftA-'ih ■ fl?»7'f* ■ ih 0 !^ 0 *
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ployment in rheumatism, dropsy, colic, cramps, hiccough, epilepsy, hys-
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tative reactions is of value and helps in a general way to place the
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or novarsenobillon, Avas employed. The available records do not
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Association of American Medical Colleges. .. 187, 249
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homogeneous, and without any of that differentiation of parts
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two parts of the subject are naturally treated alternately, as each class or species is under
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to mark these points. But in Rheumatic fever — in acute
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cicatrix of a lacrymal tumor. It was during the suppuration of
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asked to speak our congratulations, but I am assured
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