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membership. It was voted that Mary J. Graham, M. D., who
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hand-cart were given by the patient ; but we think them insuffi-
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that recovery from an infective disease conveys an immunity of shorter or longer
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hemolysis in unheated rabbit blood agar, and thus may be mis-
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success. He augments the power of his medicines ; he resolves
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hsemorhages, and such like lesions are concerned, but is assuredly not true
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The non-purulent character of chickenpox is histologically very pro-
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affected, while others come down with acute poisoning in a few
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given intermittently in moderate dosage, and stopped when there
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per minute. His minute-volume is 6 liters. If he then under-
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ignorant the glory of aborting typhoid fever in four days with so-
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means the pathological engorgement is relieved. The first men-
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(b) Primary lesions are then mildly traumatized to pro-
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profess to be practitioners of medicine in the broadest sense; and,
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the annual assembling of the Institute at Niagara Falls, N. Y.,
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b. Rinse in water, and place in 95 percent alcohol for 24 hours.
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were extremely short of breath, it was found that they had
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when the first drop of excess reducing solution is added,
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known are those which stimulate excretion through the kidneys, intestines, skin,
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the stock solution (one or more liters) to be prepared.
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intracutaneously 0.1 ml of a freshly prepared dilution
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white or yellowish fur, and in most cases remains moist throughout the
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6. The dead animal should be placed immediately into a paper
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equal beams of light through two solutions of a colored
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conquering nature where he had hitherto failed, he often retraces
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prepare spreads of the sediment on glass slides, fix, and stain by
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teers. Monkeys are susceptible to the toxin when ad-
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and an absence of sound criticism, worthy of the Middle Ages. Cardin has been
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development of cavities in the lung. Sloughing and necrosis also occur in new
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very pleasant social lunch preceded the regular session. J. H.
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To prevent coagulation add 1 ml of this solution to 10 ml of
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