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acidity, flatulence, and occasional sickness, with great constipa-

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The orator concludes as follows: " Charlatanism has always resulted

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Figs. 11 to 15. These parasites have developed a thickening of one segment.

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of diphtheria; the proportion of cases of pseudomembranous inflammations

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In scarlet fever, if the fauces of the throat are sore and full, use

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fessor David Klein, of the School of Hygiene, the Johns Hopkins

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ination into its merits we can cheerfully recommend it to all as an

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followed by all without doubt, whilst in medicine — and

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among the highest in blood uric acid, show the better concentration

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cause it to slip from its elevated position either backward into its place

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for a time investigation rested ; then came the microscope.

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and Impotence. By Dr. R. Ultzmann, Professor of Genito-urinary Diseases

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Wood with such eloquence and zeal. lie did not (|uite agree

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Sidalcea malvsBflora, Gray, PI. Wright, i, 16 (1852).

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through the mystical cycle of our organisation, it must need

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and yet, as Lejars says, in certain cases it is a formidable task

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••The Science and Art of Midwifery." Dr. Lusk's

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In three of these patients the lower ends of the forearms and lower

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The book has two admirable virtues — it is accurate

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Pulse, temperature, respiration, state of surface, pu-

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these changes will he afterwards considered more at length.

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76, but three developed lesions in the appendixes. Nine animals inocu-

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producing such a woman, or else that such practice is itself a

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means of a dry cloth all the grease which is readily visible ; the

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Another theory holds that white hellebore, a plant widely

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foramen, — the only doubt arising from the fact of the amount

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Assistant Secretary — D. W. Prentis, M. D., Washington, D.C.

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them; and when they are wounded, the orifices which