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salves well, we may order a paste of oxide of zinc with glycerine, or
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of the effused blood excites in the peritonaeum of the superimposed
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bed-sores over the sacrum, and with these symptoms the patients may
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the sole cause of it. As is well known, the signs of the enlargement
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the chronic disease is liable to acute exacerbations, particularly after
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the term) depends either upon the action of causes which are especially
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nate cases this takes place with extreme slowness ; and it is not until
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one may rely upon the opsonic index of a serum taken one
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and then devotes an excellent section to the technique of the examination
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to the upper and right segment, the right rectus being so
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gland substance was given in influenzal pulmonary congestion, cerebro-
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position. As we have already shown, when speaking of the etiology
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cases there is little local fibrosis, and, in consequence, the
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disappears posteriorly, so that on the point of the tongue we see a red
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acute form, or they develop insidiously and gradually. They consist
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not appear, the non-existence of sugar is certain ; but, even when visi-
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four or five days' fever the curve rose; and that the attack
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action of slight external irritants ; for instance, to the bites of parasites,
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treatment. Sometimes their hopes are so much in the ascendant, and
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pupil, and vomiting. We have had to mention all these symptoms
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the nutritive state of the body is deranged, that also must be regu-
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was gradually reached by a number of English, French, and German
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supported. There is no variety of neuralgia which, beginning, like
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eruption and catarrh. The appearance of this symptom, like that of
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pseudomembranes, or, to speak more precisely, the diphtheritic sloughs,
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cannot doubt that the rapid cases are to be explained in the same
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during convalescence. The symptoms remaining after the disease,
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ing the thorax, the lungs collapse very quickly and completely, appar-
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cient development of collateral circulation induces relaxation and soft-
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supports the view we advanced, that in cerebral diseases the pain in
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to the treatment of tuberculous disease of the bones and joints. As Wright
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same conditions exist as after confinement, and particularly because
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When the patient is again thoroughly under, then ether can
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ache, either in the forehead or occiput ; they are sensitive to light and
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matory exudation and adhesion, so that they may exhibit all the
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local treatment should be used with that for fulfilling the causal