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distinctly " typhoidal." Fever may be entirely absent, even in grave cases,,

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plectiform attack. Anatomical investigation, as has been said, is essentially

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ever, may sometimes be a reflex, evoked by mechanical irritation of the fascia

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anatomy in the second examination, may be obtained, on application^

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may be an arrest of the process, or improvement, or even apparent recovery.

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as those of the last. Both the *' Alumni " prizes are offered alternately.

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(1) ^ '»^«nc«-type scale for detemlnlng weights of individual eggs.

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Disease Hospital, supplemented by didactic lectures in Conjoint Clinical Course 350.

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a further eramination has to be undergone before admission to

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etms 0 timiil). To t}tt eootrti^. l% §6^14 be at least eitce etch mt^. If tite

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Departmental prerequisites. — (1) Research, at least 3 courses (Physiology 411); (2)

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especially a more or less complete analgesia. In such cases we can stick a pin

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subjects, with a more particular knowledge of England, France, and

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ing certificates: (1) Curriculum vitsB, (2) of general education,

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than one of the prescribed branches of study, except in those cases

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fiorby-Browning micro-spectroscope, so well adapted for showing the

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object, are very characteristic, and are alike in almost

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however, that they are also frequently absent or only slightly developed. The

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that some continuously progressive disease exists, and most probably a cere-

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in finding in some cases slight changes in the motor ganglion cells them-

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spinal cord have been the subject of such different conceptions and interpreta-

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tutorial class for senior students. Students are appointed to the posts

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binding a ligature around a finger, is in itself sufficient to cause a decomposi-

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a great number of experiments, that epilepsy can be excited in rabbits by in-

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the tissues which have been deprived of their normal blood supply must

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(Yaughan's edition). Steel's "Equine Anatomy," Liaatard's "Yade

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are very prone to attack the brain. We shall revert to gumma in the chapter

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genuine tumors of the brain. States of marked maniacal excitement also

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nounced. The intellect grows feeble, memory grows weaker, and occasionally

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Study of Words." The books for translation from the Latin are

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which must be termed primary multiple degenerative neuritis. Of course,