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this be the case, the dyspnea may be due in part to the increasing effusion.

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disease of the superior laryngeal nerve. It is dangerous, as food may

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of value in this disease are the citrate, protoxalate, lactate, carbonate,

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characterized chiefly by a difficulty of speech or of deglutition. Three

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selves, the motor generally appearing before the sensory symptoms, though

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soft palate, the pharynx, the Eustachian tubes, and the tympanic cavity.

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cise in the open air is to be encouraged, and massage of the muscles of

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wrist and heavy feeling in the back. A few days later he had a

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Ulcerative endocarditis, either by perforating or producing rupture of the

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digestive poAver, should the latter be weak, by the administration of

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atrophy or dilatation, has occurred, the condition becomes quite serious,

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The lips and gums only, or the membrane of the whole mouth, may be

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cut the vagus nerves, the paralyzed structures permitting irritants to be

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Dilatation is usually general, though there may be mere diverticula cor-

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mittent glycosuria is also common in gouty subjects, and may lead to

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Pathology. — Three pathologic varieties — catarrhal, suppurative,

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In the following paper no attempt will be made to exploit

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and lobar pneumonia, and from extension of inflammation from

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survive the effects of starvation. This is a very important find-

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in any other case, by sponging or even by a cool bath, cold compresses

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and early physical sign is the diminished tactile fremitus, which is

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usually an absence of any alcoholic history, and it is apt to be met in

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herpes labialis. Defervescence may be attended with critical sweats,

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separate the symptoms of the former from those of the intercurrent

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attacks. Cheyne-Stokes respiration, cerebral hemorrhage, and coma may

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met with at an advanced period of life, so, as would be expected, the

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Course. — Many cases run a very chronic course. Others may have

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This is not a distinct disease, but rather a grouping of certain symp-

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