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those on the extremities. They are of no prognostic value.

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able time, even after apparent convalescence is established.

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mortality tend rather to vary inversely than directly:

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of the cases, red and gray hepatization existed together. In 22 instances

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is usually a furred tongue, with constipation. In the majority no marked

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iliac and inguinal glands of the opposite side may present pictures of second-

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be able to decide whether or not a so-called "trivial cough"

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both acute and chronic renal disorder in which albumin was

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restores the patient's strength and muscular firmness. It is doubtful whether

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number of instances with five relapses reported. In these protracted cases

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bleed, delirium, an eruption like flea bites, diarrhoea, abdominal distension,

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cognizing the importance of this power of influence,

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is not so favorable as male life, but that after the latter age it

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mechanisms against invasion by pathogenic microbes, and upon the condition

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very extensive membrane when the patient is seen for the first time, 8,000 or

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in 1870 only 10,187 applied for artificial limbs or commuta-

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renders its explanation more a matter of speculation than

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Incubation Period. — From observations in isolation camps and acci-

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affected; in 32 the left; in 17, both organs. In 27 cases the entire lung, with

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may be seen, and there may be light cases which could be very properly

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smallpox the latter proceeds uninfluenced, unless there has been a pre\dous

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the figures of different observers as to the frequency with which pneumonia

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erates mitil entirely destroyed. All of the bloodvessels of the dermis are

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are instances of fatal pulmonary hemorrhage during the attack of typhoid

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enfeeblement and misery entailed upon innocent descendants

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casts are perfectly innocuous at times. In spite of these

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condition had subsided some days prior to the last urinary

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studies by Councilman, Mallory and Pearce of diphtheria, Mallory's investi-

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circumstances and public opinion have so revolutionized the

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of gastric juice and other glandular secretions, and the antagonistic action

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Cardiosphygmogram. — ^The radial impulse is very dicrotic; the rate rhythm,

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7. There is a greater tendency for the child to drift into the rheumatic state.

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'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.[ 1 "

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In such conditions the loss of vascular tone and dilatation of

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sufficient. While in cities the obtaining of a pure water-supply is compar-

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