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in the anatomy and physiology of the brain. Thus their failure to com-

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own, or 01 omer organs. iiie)r ut^\.*juix. i»w ^w^*-« ^

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tion which has been found in the cases hitherto examined has been one

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of anatomy in Surgeon's Hall, and from this time on through-

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The work In both literature aiid library reading has made more of our

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toe. In many cases, however, an extensor response can be

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or sucked out by the vital activity of the tissues them-

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Turning now to a discussion of the more practical and

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The Treatment by Splenectomy of Splenomegaly with Anemia Associated with Syph-

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^^d his condition was practically the same as before the attack. Sub-

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are puny and of a scorbutic tendency. The external evidences are

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mucosa or muscle, which has been found hypertrophied. When the muscles