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mother suspects the onset of some acute specific disease. Adults may

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particularly the eyes and fingers. Such superfluous movements are of the

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have been observed. According to Unna, there is in this disease "a

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(c) Open and turn the paper over, then make a third fold

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for nothing, in London, as well as in the provincial towns.

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face and the neck. The first visible lesion is a small red slightly raised

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expose themselves to these contributory causes with impunity, being well

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began to be troubled by rheumatic pains in the arms for a year before she

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(4) It is recommended that a broth culture of Serratia mar-

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Chiene, John, M.D., F.R.C.S., Surgeon to the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, and

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(1876) in one, found haemorrhages into a ganglion in ordinary cases of

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Class B. — Abnormal nerve -signs. — Certain abnormal actions, move-

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Goldsmith was not a physician he was enough of a doctor

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taining dried stains, may be cleaned by a brief soaking in concen-

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exanthematic fevers. These scarlatiniform erythemas may recur, and may

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Indian, Persian, Egyptian, or American quackery in prefer-

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A diseased hair is bent like a green stick, and its free end is frayed.

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of these results I have recently observed in a gentleman under my care,

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strength fail unduly under this, some beef tea or soup may be temporarily substituted for the

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hypotonic sodium chloride solution, and the strengths of the solu-

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we can induce a copious secretion of sweat, so by the administration of

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of those just enumerated. An act which is vicious is open to the same

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the prevailing custom of the age, he boasts of supernatural

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custom has arisen of employing ointments or lotions containing both a

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be advantageous : the results thus obtained are excellent.