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Literary and Philosophical Society. The President took his seat at

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tinkling cymbal. I conclude that the profession, amid their senseless jealousies

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Russian surgeons, and Dr. Lessen of Halle, manage the two largest

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grants. Dr. Burdon Sanderson gives in the volume of Reports for 1S69

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cannot guess ; but anything more at variance with the commonly received im-

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police-sergeant Relf, by whom the iniquitous proceedings of the women

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take the charge of wards in the absence of any of the surgeons. For

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health. Especially this was the case with regard to the optic papilla

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antiseptic or anticatalytic ; and, having in view the different theories

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Course in Arts, with a view to the Degree of B.A., his answering in

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against the spread of relapsing fever, if it should be imported from

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The patient complained of intense pain ; and, during the compression,

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maturely old. It is not improbable that residence at the sea-side,

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there were thirty-nine admissions into hospital, and thirty -seven deaths ;

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who were not convalescent within fifteen days of commencing the treat-

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subjected to a Practical Clinical Examination in Medicine and Surgery,

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survived such an antizymotic treatment — such a pickling as this ?"

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history of the subject was given, and was illustrated by a sketch of the

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it well to bring the paper forward in order that he might see how far

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pletion, and will be ready for the admission of patients early in October.

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to such important offices reflected as much honour upon the Society as

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old forceps ; but he did not think they could improve on Assalini's for-

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change of life brings to a crisis an habitual congestive or subacute in-

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large scale, one of the very finest in the country. He had more than

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ther, that a SKpicient intelligence might be able to predict from the pro-

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The number of beds prepared by private societies existing in all j

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186S, shall be entitled to be admitted to the Degree of Master in Sur-

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vision from the information which reached London on the 20th inst. in a

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there are other languages besides the Celtic and Greek and Latin be-

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those which border the great sea-inlets, such as the Thames, the Wash,

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Mr. Gascoyen delivered his Introductory Address on October ist. He

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that a vote of thanks be given to Dr. Sibson, late President of the

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2 P.M. — Royal London Ophthalmic, 11 A.M. — Royal Free, 2 P.M.

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the advanced pupils gentlemen willing and able to guide, for the Meath

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missary and military inspector) of voluntary aid is nominated by the

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It is not a mere department of medical science and art, any more

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errors of judgment on the part of the Medical Superintendent"; and to