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much more common on the right, which is in accordance with

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(c) A ventilating system according to approved hygienic methods.

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called attention to the fact that there was a suggestion of discoloration,

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"The objection that the law violates article two, section two, of the

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available, mechanical, surgical, psychical, medical, etc., the practitioner

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in 25 per cent of cases. 7. The course of tabetic arthropathy is always

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Two years ago Geraghty and Rowntree 1 published a research

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man. Tuberculous stock crossed with tuberculous stock can only

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duty it should be to examine students in physic and surgery and

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the lake, varying from 3.35 miles per day to .01 miles per day.

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virus vaccine by Salk and colleagues, and attenuated

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in a timely article in the Lancet, urges the profession as a whole

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such strictures occur more frequently in women, and the vast proportion

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pneumonia do not appear to him to warrant the use of any adrenal or

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Lymphangitis or Weed is a dietetic disease and consists in in

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Maurice Howe Richardson, Harvard University A. B., 1873, M. D.,

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On admission 15 minims of adrenalin were given; the blood pressure

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December and January four schools were established, located at

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inal aorta in a man who was suffering from rupture of an

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within the statute as amended. The court in the Gravett case, however,

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There are two general theories as to the cause of this

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enough, but why should tachypnea be arrested by atropin? In explana-

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By D. H. Bergey, M. D., First Assistant, Laboratory of Hygiene and

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pages, four plates and 26 figures, $1.25. Price of the series of ten

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sary. Cardiac failure can best be prevented only if we clearly understand

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severe pain, and catheterization for the urinary retention are

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clude. The reason is no doubt due in many cases to a failure to

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of the fluid contained in a strangulated hernia is produced by a solution

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much interested by the speaker's remarks and had been convinced by