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pay a passing tribute to the exemplary, devoted, genial, beloved

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the shoulder-joint, and chloroform was cautiously ad-

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The lecture closes with an account of the Lymphangioma

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and yet the subsequent examination with the stomach tube reveals

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IV. Observations on the Nature and Treatment of Polypus of the

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•'Observations on Metabolism with Somatose and Nutrose "

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an autopsy. [Muench. Medicin. Wochensch., Vol. XL V, page 1,211.)

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1. This wort, which is named spreritis, a and by an-

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heavier-than-air pilot in the Navy should be 150 pounds. It takes

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evening, and spoke to the prisoner coming into their

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indirectly fatal, owing to the person being in an unhealthy condition at tm

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the onset of the disease was distinctly traced to an

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engines — engines which, it is true, require carcfidly handling,

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a child is unjustly disciplined and his little soul harassed through no

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in the formation of larger nodules or areas, which lead by a process of local

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Of the fifty-five signers of the Declaration of Ind^

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Ribes Floridum, (wild black currant,) root ; astringent

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cavity is of considerable size ; an exaggeration of mere bronchial

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twenty-four hours neither were any of the organisms

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Alcoholic paralysis of the lower extremities may be differentiated by the

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ceutres where men are taught, hut wo think of them as

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which occurs as a sequel to diseases of this group is tuberculous.

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between the diphyodont normal state and the polyphyodont

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of the intercostal arteries had thus been laid open. The lung was

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sexton's office, had lost in weight by evajjoration, on

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tous area of skin, from which the inflamed lymphatic may be noted

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Objectively, he presents a typical picture of Parkinson's disease.

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tude, chills, and fever. A violent attack soon sets in, with gastric pain,

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and the pituitary body. This is indicated by the enlargement of the

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"Perception and sensorial function c nnot continue for an

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Sample with literature sent (rjiu to any physician on request

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cine, dentistry, and pharmacy cannot be enforced unless there

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question that premature labor ought to be induced ;

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Paddington ; St. George, Hanover-square ; St. Mary, Isling-

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ments of this thread are photographed through an illumin

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notes on a recent trial, recorded in the Edinb. Med. and Surg. Journal

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ulceration, the membrane almost hanging in shreds. The in-