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In viewing the above, as we may safely do, as a case of

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is freely soluble in 200 parts of blood serum. The latter

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was identified later as the potato bacillus, though one of the forms

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useless, but decidedly injurious — rendering the disease more rapid

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salt effects quite similar to those observed in the animals poisoned

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Urethral injections. Douches; spinal; nasal, eye, ear. Catheteriza-

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panitis ; constipation. Frequent arching of the neck and at-

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86% and the negative predictive value, as expected, is

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close of the current term, he shall have completed at least

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The children Avere all markedly anaemic, and a dusky or earthy tint

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loid degeneration of the spleen, intestine, and kid-

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that the affection may be met with in quite young babies naturally

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would have their value ; but personal investigation (carried on, it

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gata is reached. The tract, in its passage downward, gives off

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they permit. Thus we have the almost perfect freedom of motion

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peter, A.M., M.D., Clinical Professor of Pediatrics in the Medico-

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to eradicate if not driven off early. A fowl may suffer

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day, even though he should previously experience a desire to go. If

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vial sheaths, receive their vascular and nervous sup-

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dog's intestine without destroying life. In the operation of some

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animal get worse after such treatment, and the passage of medi-

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may disappear a great part of the tumor which occupied the true

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The circulatory section of the volume contains two valuable physio-

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177d. Two Photographs of a large Congenital Cyst in the substance of

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45. Selected Topics of Organic Chemistry. — Prerequisite: Organic Chem-

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purities of the atmosphere. That which remains in the pipes all night

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the objects we regard must, immediately or mediately, in some fashion be tied to the

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11 : izl is:i-*. : jsiie": 17: IS: 19: 20: 21 : 22: 23: 2+': 25 -26: 27 :26 :29-30: 1 • 2. i 3 *: •*

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