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varied and too extensive for us even to attempt to indicate

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states that we might truly say that a hysteria is a condition of

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in the bed with the convalescents upstairs, and on making

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removal, but then cystitis was present when I operated. He

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fellow-men, that we are now supplied with the best information how

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well suited for transportation and for conversion in the tissue cells

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of the complaint. This was a serious error, but the fact remains

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members of the Branch : Dr. Alex. Grant, Comrie ; Dr. J. C.

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cine and the importance of personal hygiene, knows how to

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we thiuk 'luite ri'^jhtly, that It would have been unbecoming in him to

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branes are often involved, and the synovial membranes of joints. In

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tant relations to the nutrition of the body, shown in the hypertrophy of

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quently described, both the walls of the vesicles and the interstitial

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Reid I^bquhabt, M.D. ; C. Xobman, Honorary

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treated by proper attention to the devitalized, skin.

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Just as any form of arthritis, whether traumatic, rheumatic, gouty,

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Brompton. — Dental Surgeon. Applications to the Secretary, by

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of bacteriologic examination in dealing with an epidemic; a fact also

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the seventeenth century by Thomas Willis, an Englishman, and

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from the mouth of the kettle in a large tube, of the size of the arm,

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sonal appearance which mark old asthmatics. As the general nutri-

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Some writers have advocated the use of vaccines made from cultures

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mously, agreeing that such a letter should be drafted, and a

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at, ;!20, 375, 400, 434, 478. 541 ; meeting of cholera

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evening he had his hour's ride out to take his dinner at home, tired

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gation, for periods varying from twenty-four to seventy-two

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\,h. \\m^^^'^ l*y '•^*"f^ umbilicated, a feature present in no other erup-

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ing, a fact to be borne in mind by the physician when he assumes the

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but its presence in the fcetal urine is especially interesting.

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whether perfectly sane persons can commit suicide, and by

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For example, I am strongly inclined to define the disease in the

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over and across the chest. A similar movement of the hand across

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tion, commences to breathe freely after having got rid of the tough

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and, consequently, with its inner margin placed vertically.

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together, and thus constitute both an obstruction to the flow of blood

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ing food. When the cardiac orifice is involved, it may follow very