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eyelids especially were the seat of a diffuse infiltration. Here also the
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ships at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital and at St. Luke s
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dyspepsia than beer but have much less tendency to set up gout.
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medication but like all other good things require a certain amount of
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fever may subside leaving the limb permanently thickened
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with all the problems under investigation. For this reason
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without cognizance of impressions made on a surface which is nor
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we have shown that the upper laryngeal nerves are constrictors and it
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so that blood alone is obtained on puncture varicose goitre.
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Sex. There were in the series males and females while in of
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versity Assistant Neurologist the Johns Hopkins Dispensary.
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mentative or putrefactive processes which assume pathological propor
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ed once for from ten to fifteen minutes and with some degree
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shaped like an ear speculum. It is particularly useful in
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cervical branches or from the communicating loops uniting these
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should recommend all practising surgeons if they have any desire to
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slow for even if taken in the hottest water it sometimes seemed
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most commonly attract the patient s attention at first and
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It is well known how von Eall elated by his successes and
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surgery than had previously been done and the number of cases
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by express to Ames for microscopic examination. In due time
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of plaster. He then covers the testicle with a series of recurrent
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can be employed in all cases where Iodine is known to
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