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2284. A contract with a private physician, made by the

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consist of a greenish or yellowish liquid, in which float mucous,

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in his choice of remedies. The principal articles of the Materia Medica,

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children. It usually takes the form of depression. Hallucinations may

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enced by the passage of food and in the muscular movenit'nts

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was bought in the mean time to take the place of the one killed.

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principles, therefore, they cannot act together. The

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lococci are notable for the wide variations of their virulence. The lanceo-

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of the kind was required, as he improved directly he was removed

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syphilis was the cause of the death of the foetus the

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ideas worth pursuing for future improvement and develo]'j

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material furnished up to the most recent date. The result

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Five years later a small epithelioraatous nodule began to develop upon the

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dilatation — was correct. By no means a sound deduction.

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his life to wear some kind of plate as a protection from

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ment of tuberculo-pneumonic phthisis ; and hence it is that most of

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He was carried into the house, the neighbors collected, and his spasms

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devoted to that subject — as an essay on antipyretics. Of these

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both from the itching and general mildness of the disease when it was

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nat., Par., zool. (1871-72), 5. s., v. 15, art. 11, oct, 8 pp., pi. 3 B, figs. 1-4.

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the modern improvements, is nearlv new, and built by the Doctor for

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But the progress of the * Bibliotheque,' from its commencement to its partial com-

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The ' after-wale ' of a collar is the piece of thick leather

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pneumonia is, therefore, in my opinion, only quantitative and

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Talpse, — A wart-like tumor, easily removed with a

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other on the arm was slightly smaller ; they both had a sinuous out-

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