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The cerebellum and the labyrinth. So far we have made no mention
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One of the authors (Lord) previously reported (1919) the existence in
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not distended. Diagnosis. Perforation and hemorrhage. Operation.
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Sarcoma dose. As regards the treatment of sarcoma therapeutic pro-
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The peribronchial sclerosis, which is not met with in ordinary bronchitis,
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it may result from a process of pulmonary endarteritis similar to the infective
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many families for this reason have buried all or most of their
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[Contribution to the study of unilateral pyelonephritis with haematuria.]
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Clerc, Foix, et Mercier des Rockettes. Sur un cas de hoquet epidemique
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to the operator ; a complete fracture should not be made. The limb is then
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haemorrhagic diathesis, the eosinophil diathesis, &c.
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made without an instrumental determination of the blood-pressure.
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gastrique. [Ectopia of the spleen : a cause of error in radiology of the
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not so if only one lobe is consolidated ; (4) owing to the presence of an
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on the spectroscopic characteristics of urobilin, a gravimetric
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jaw ; blindness of one eye ; pain and suppuration in the ear.
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instead of increasing as one might have expected, decreased in
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is more regular and sustained, and often ends by crisis. This, of
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septic temperature, rapidly increasing anemia which marks the end in this
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in thirty specimens of urine before and after alkaline fermentation
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be due to a tumor of the lower cord. The pleura was the seat of
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[Technique of demonstrating tubercle bacilli in sputum.] Centralbl. f.
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Pagniez, Ph. De la sedimentation des globules rouges du sang. [The
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circulatory conditions on the reaction to the low oxygen of rebreathing.
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that their mortality was twice as great as it should be, but he believed that
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seen in many serial sections. This case is against Steinach's theory, because
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Art. III. — Dissertations on Cynanche Trachealis or Croup , and
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Since my article was published there have appeared various
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three and a half years (Case XIII) before death. It is to be re-
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tensive cardiovascular disease, either primary, or secondary when
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