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Chemistry in Harv ard University be an Honorary Member

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a partial description of the symptoms of tetany and

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It may be stated as a conclusion that two theories have

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of the external carotid artery measured only. centi

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point the favorable influence of vaccination in lessening

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deformity of the spinal column followed three months later by

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visceral layer of the peritoneum on the rectum were

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after injection. At the autopsy the right lung was found solidi

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vapour of carbolic acid in the treatment of whooping cough stating

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siderable class of children at least might justly be

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These form one of the best executed and most valuable portions

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what a gentleman said to me several years ago that at regular

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side of the face to the salivary glands beneath the jaw and sometimes

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lution which might now be considered as Huxley called it a

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tality of the patient if acute disease has supervened during the puer

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restricted to one anatomical element alone and this is

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considerable alteration in the number of leukocytes has been found in

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cord at the University of Illinois Medical School in

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marked by the superior middle and inferior curved lines. The anterior

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Numerations of blood corpuscles showed steady gain as fol

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the patients one at a time and up close. Good patient care

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beneficial provided the amount of exertion gone through is suited

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state of kuowledge and many deaths are registered every year in

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allayed almost immediately. I have tried it not only in

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tad that the shape and oondition of his incisor teeth

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were affected. This peculiar distribution of the paralysis is dis

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practical bearing of this increase of scope in our knowledge

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yell on account of the gentleman s unpronounceable name