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Hydrochlorothiazide is the world’s most widely prescribed antihypertensive
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table very different from that which would be required in places where the
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animal had begun to struggle, and the pulse was 120. During the course
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that, if the suspension of the sensorial functions is caused by the presence
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depression, slurred speech, confusion, restlessness,
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and had six children, of whom one only survives him.
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best men in their constituency, because of the canvassing that is going on, and the feeling
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between the patient, payor, and doctor are being thrust upon us. HMOs, IPAs, and
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from the asylum. Provided, That the settlement or residence of any such
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appears to be 180 to 240 mg/day. There are no available data concern-
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sules might be concerned. There is no good reason for
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session, and the President has conducted the business of the session, I think, with extreme
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ing the powers of evil or by securing the help of the kindly
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of the vinous tincture of colchicum, when the synovial appendages of the
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sion to the hospital, there were no apparent features
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the remainder insert in an abbreviated form, together with such of the out-
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longed thiazide theraoy The common comBcations of hyperparathyroidism such as rena
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This frequent reference to the views of the Professor of Obstetrics will
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CARDIZEM is indicated in the management of chronic stable
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not being in the Heart, where is it and what is it?
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live were he to submit his cattle to destruction. Pro-
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Group Practice Administration ■ Improve Ease of Practice ■ •
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mediately accessible to Lake Sinclair, a large hydro-electric lake which
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Hudson, John, JCsq., Assistant-Surgeon H.M.S. Cumherlaiid, to be
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Moved by Dr. Douglas, seconded by Dr. Roome, that the following members of the
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anesthesia, and the cost of the pathology is built into the overall cost of the
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capacity, may properly be said to be under stronger
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ney, which will not be included under this head, their nature not having
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but I saw none. One of my assistants thought that he did discover some-
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of the pleural cavity was much injected, and the cavity
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MANUSCRIPTS — Articles are accepted for publication on
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interesting legal questions, such as the extent to which a surgeon, as the ‘ ‘captain of