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size, from such as would be caused by the prick of a pin, to an inch or more in breadth.

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sixteen days after the operation. — Centralhl. f. Chir., Leipzig, Jan. 12,

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and a sense of exhaustion proportionate to the violence and duration of

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run a certain course. No man, surely, who thinks that the

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ing down the bones of the head, and many instruments have been contrived

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posterior spinal roots; resection of a mixed nerve presents too great a

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cation. The bones seemingly indicated full develop-

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mother and child, especially on the recurrence of the hemorrhage.

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1824; but the condition was first described by Etienne in 1546, and is

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tliorough sanitary ])apers are. for the most part, from

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and the overwhelming importance of the first group is insisted

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ped, I was enabled to remove him to the hospital ship, several days' journey

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*This is the temporary Board of Control, at this printing. As

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and study demonstrate that the same type of scavenger giant-cell is frequently

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typhoid, but the development of the swelling raised a question

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having been in Dee's possession passed comparatively quickly

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pital sisters, so-called, aided by a band of hospital

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This is the brown tick of South Africa, where it spreads Babesia

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metastatic (IcpDsits; find tlieic is absorption of putrid jiiiocy, caus-

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countered in cholecystitis, be they mild or severe,

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schaftes. Anat. Hefte, Wiesb., 1898-9, xi, 671-680, 3 pi.—

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the attention from the sensory to the motor and intellectual epheres.

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is to be resorted to, at the same time the means to be employed

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traversed the heart, producing death after some hours, by causing effusion oi

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energy'. According to the investigations of the younger Cohnheim this

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when contagiousness ceases in any case, it is wise to insist on a minimum

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(manager of a restaurant), but has had to give this up again

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bacteria which, to be sure, exhibit a certain amount

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from the chemically active frequencies and the elimination

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"How can this be explained, except on the ground that the anti-

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A.M., M.D., Physician to the New York Skin and Cancer

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Three weeks ago, while getting over a fence, the pa-

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tion and to the progress of natural development. The

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Charcot showed that in some peculiarly susceptible persons with hysteria

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to become the coloring matter of the bile, which is voided with the feces.

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not really attempting an explanation of what is not really a fact,

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observation that end-to-end procedures invert enough

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odds are against any method, and closes by saying: "Should

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Report of the Council on Time and Place of Next Meeting.