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Gm.) capsules, given three times daily, or a total dose of 30

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elasticity, and extensibility, when lost can only be restored by

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cases. Plague seems to be establishing itself in Cape Town.

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to the public and profession will be delivered by Dr. R.

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small radiating convolutions, is in adult human brains com-

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reptile (139 minutes after cessation of action of heart), 31°.8 C. In the last 127 minutes (X

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lifted, the swelling rapiilly disappeared. It was diagnosticated as a vari-

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subjects, for which the maximum number of marks obtainable will

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asepsis. The third and greatest difficulty is to enter the

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their secretion, fluid extract of buchu in fSj to f3ij

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nevertheless a grave disease when it occurs, and is usually accom-

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Conltzer. The operative treatment of peritoneal tuberculosis, 282.

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ance. Notwithstanding the immense waste of substance incident

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primary paralysis, however, of the portio dura, the paralysis of the muscles

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erable muddiness of the vitreous. He stated that he had

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and abuse of antimony," '35 ; "Medical topography and diseases

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