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tion of blood to the head and increased arterial tension — a flushed face and

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Tetany. — This, while a very rare complication, may occur and has

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tion with this affection, such as indigestion, and sometimes a mild

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necessary for an assistant to make pressure with his hands on

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that he places it in the balance not with any promise of certainty,

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form, in which there is an enlargement of one part, then the tube is

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a mawkish, sweetish odor which is quite characteristic. It has been com-

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to the normal size of the urethra, as determined l)y Jire-

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up the lower third of forearms. Tongue inflamed ; diarrhea. No

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the time of the departure of Robert, hastened by the death

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perpihery by a peculiarly constructed, thin, and gelatinous mem-

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the majority of cases that we have mentioned concern patients

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papers, which are published in the Jolins Hopkins Hospital Bulletin and the

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not from a series of films. If one has a series of con-

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to the extra-peritoneal method. The specimen was in-

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the incisions become open spaces. Although the space is filled

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far, the Strophanthus hispidus and a strophanthus called /fomS^

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remain. If we reflect for a moment that a stricture is

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the connective tissue and of the vessels. — Brit-

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deficient, is replaced by carbonic acid or some other noxious

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There are not many observations upon the urine. The most

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treatment is called for and should precede. It is well known that diseases

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instead of multiple small presentations, one or two topics

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(except mixtures) of any drug, whose activity depends upon an

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i has been. In inflammatory aftections of the stom-

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while their contents are reabsorbed after the cellular elements have

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medical officers of our army enjoy a rank, pay, and

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coldness, and a sense of weight in the limb, and fatigue from very

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turiL When the patient^s husband was at home, in Magdeburg, he

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Next, appeared the work of Trousseau, Andral, and Bouillaud, who threw such a vivid

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not from a series of films. If one has a series of con-

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has never had an untoward symptom. You will see that the testicle is

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the tibialis anticus longus has little flexor leverage, and the peroneus a slight

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cal gas. IY. 1 volume of nitrogen combines with 1 volume of