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there is ample proof that the drug exerts a beneficial influence over
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opened in the study of transplanted tumors in lower animals.
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By the Contagious Diseases Animals Act it is enacted
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Titers of Lytic Amboceptor Agglutinin and Opsonin for Sheep Corpuscles in
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the disease would have prevented my making public this description until the
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involve the occipital lobes it might cause various affections of the visual
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epithelium such as occurs in ordinary gastro enteric infection.
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Profuse Diarrhoea. This may have to be treated if the alvine dis
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the name of Ross which would appear to throw some doubt
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May he was discharged able to walk well with the help of one
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regarded as the first carefully controlled cure of this disease on record.
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This communication is only a preliminary one. It is brought
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