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the Committee discussed the question of the propriety of introducing a paragraph
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supply the laboratory with all available data in regard to your case, that
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edly, that boy's appendix is on the left side. Of course, that is a very
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facts, but in the absence of independent evidence is really an assump-
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" Further resolved, That Dr. J. F. DeVine be and hereby is
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It is extremely difficult to get rid of old opinions. Not a few
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of speculation, he brought before them some observations
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mon fever mixtures, if not unpleasant to the patient, will do no harm. The
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There was Fernelius denying the existence of what we
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a normal stool results without any pain. He consulted me in order to
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several areas of concern or where further research is
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disease as well as the confusion engendered by the names of cer-
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We have frequently insisted on the importance of diuresis in the cura-
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investigation, and in the hope of helping others, and
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ticular surface of the head of the tibia rather than
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inhalation of oxygen makes running up and down stairs easier, can be
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parents who are physically and mentally sound. That is to say, they
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tions are equally absorbed, both heavy and weak, and tkat
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whole articulation. There are no bony edges or promi-
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Do all these means ever fail when properly and perseveringly applied;
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Blue Shield programs for the members of the Medical
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eron," etc., published by the American Tract Society, 150 Nas-
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left geniculate fasciculus at some distance from the third frontal con-
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their thighs firmly pressed together, and drawn up to
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tion was impau-ed ; but when this had become improved the distinctive
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With a long tube it is possible to introduce enough tubing to enter
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organs of their sex. It will not do to pass this sub-
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quite certain that cough or respiratory difficulty was present at the
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detritus ; hence the yellow color of the remaining glandular sub-
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mentally, and think as did the strong men of old, as
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tisation, or pustulation, may result. Pigmentation is also liable to
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tion and a supreme trust in nature. His regulations were both
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grounds for a differential diagnosis in a history of exposure to the infec-
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of the thyroid have on the vertebral column is lost in retro-
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take the stain with difficulty and therefore the staining fluid must be heated
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shoe 1)0 worn ^yhich corresponds to the actual differ-
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to the most renowned of Chiron's pupils, and to one
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in toothache, and is also used to deaden the exposed pulp or dentine before