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crystalline powder ; without odor ; of a saline, slightly bitter

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tegument of the body, and which is only altered by the anatomical

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they felt as if ossified, and in my own mind I have no doubt but

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The skin over the point of the needle was then drawn a little in-

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and of the others, those only died which had presented very severe

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tumor extended an inch or more above the upper edge of the sternum

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=';iled box with two little glass windows — respiration accelerated

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stances permit this to be done with facility, and free evacuation of

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case, from Dr. IJ. L Collins, of I'roviilence, K. I. The patient was u

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wu-! first - i to the patient, I was not aware of the labors of

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these animals as , castor oil, calomel, or .cascara sagrada.

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Besides tliese local appearances, the accompanying symptoms of

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the uterine cavity. These several means, while they were applica-

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Had we u^d much force we should have produced extensive infil-

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by other remedies. M. Delioux has then to topical applica-

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at sufliciently long intervals, much larger doses may be taken with

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fractured : ami there was inliltration of blood liehind the pharyn.v, from

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so characteristic of the disease, tofrcther with the discovery of black

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bone to the extent of 50 per cent, and of the soft tissue in

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potassium, and the local application of tincture of iodine to the breast.

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the country. By order of the Committee of Arrangements,

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was performed, and forty-three pounds of fluid withdrawn. The with-

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ln-ou<^ht there had been removed, and no Massachusetts men remained.

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of the strengths commonly employed is a much overrated

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passed away, we add to what remains of the action of the first the

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mouth, and a desire to lick alkaline earthy matters. It is

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action of materials of different degrees of potency. There

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is increased evolution of heat, carbonic dioxide and water.

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midway between tlieir extremities. Several ecchymoses were found

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and the opinion expressed that nothing but amputation would arrest

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egg, gum arable and linseed tea. Opium and stimulants.

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that it was called for by the immense i?icrease of the army without a

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experiments led them to the following conclusions, which confirm in

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iudow, I see, at the distance of about 300 feet, the tall steeple of

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in<z fallen toirclher so as to ohiitcratc the intercostal .spaces. Rospi-

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animals. Two to four drachms of the medicinal acid are to

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tiopi of certain laryngoscopic demonstrations of the phenomena of

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tion, with some compound granular corpuscles. The structure of

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ing sodium salt, it is of benefit when given an hour after

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ments with the typhus fever of Great Britain, which, under the

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institutions, to have acted in its prevention. Dr. Tyler's rcpOrt is de-

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