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may have been restored. In two instances the patient was

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warmed or otherwise prepared before introduction. It

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fectly able to do (he was kept in the ward because he

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principles of treatment by direct, equals and continuous pressure, it is clear the

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established, we find countless instances of hardships in times

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-t.iti'in become uncon-cioiiN x et .ifter oper.itinn consciousness has returned

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in my lai^ experience I know of but one such instance supi)orted by

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may be used separately or alone, ana* repeated as occa-

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neously, or advance fatally, regardless of our electrical appa-

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Antipvresis bv iNUNriioN. — Colbat favors a revival

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the exception of rather marked dyspepsia. Without cause or warning he

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and intelligently to make these collections at no ex-

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caution, as its occurrence is somewhat rare, and as it is often extremely

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pale and cold ; lips slate-colored ; pupils somewhat

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matter is set free and becomes diffused throughout the effusion. Micro-

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somewhat brought down in cold weather to the surrounding atmos-

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at once, is not always easy. Moreover, a paroxysm of pain from the passage

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thropist the ponderous piles declare that a morbid architectural

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When a man — or, for that matter, a corporation — falls heir

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from the bowel while still in the hospital. At autopsy

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who had had several children, on account of violent hae-

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ural process as the taking of food. If for any reason the elimination

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quite thin and dangerously sharp. The position of these prongs

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Glad we are that there is no relenting on the part of any when it

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with circumspection, in the first place, lest the habit of using it be formed :

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Pronation of the Foot.— E. J. Huhner^ deals with the

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"Hence there were commonly 4 minima and 3 maxima in the daily quantities

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evils connected with our system of medical education,

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" These observations lead to the conclusion, that the hasmatozoa

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womb, and attached to it by a stem or pedicle. Thomas mentions