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the anatomic changes consist in the widely disseminated miliary tuber-
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3.5; protein, 6.3; fat, 57.4; carbohydrates, 31.5; ash, 1.3.
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the patient cool. I often sponged the whole body with cold water,
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furnishes one reason for the neglect of douches in Germany in the fact that
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in some localities in the last year has been traceable to the nnevcn-
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old age, premature if in the young, fully ripened if we have
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^ "A Case of Typhoid Fever ; numerous Intestinal Hemorrhages, the Amount of
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keenest diagnostician. The sooner it is understood that intermediate
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intermittent fever, the distinctive features of which have been given
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Northern Spy. — This is a large red apple, with much green
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coast and James Syme— S. D. Gross— The Tone of the Profession in
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somewhat that of the quotidian intermittents, and rarely the tertian
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not only of all the scientific chemical methods, but also of the practical
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■ those objects which touch us from without, the nerves of sensation are
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best of the all-round apples, being tasty and pleasant, both to
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but us could spend $700.00 in one restaurant. Through the
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however, is not a safe indication of the absence of extensive ulceration.
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advantages of the well-regulated marine hospital service of
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was impracticable after an intelligent and intensive effort had
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insists upon his view that pneumonia is contagious.
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tered or while it is flowing upon the body, the range being from ten to
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the headache often procure for the patient refreshing sleep. It is im-
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inflammatory process is likely to extend to the nasal mucous membrane.
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maximum most rapidly under a dry bandage of wadding, in five min-
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and later of erosion and ulceration. The urine generally contains
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panied by constipation and all the conditions going to make
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spasmodic action of the diaphragm, which seems to threaten cessation
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fever, and most frequently just before dissolution, Avhen the tliermometer
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water into it. In hospital practice one of the tubs illustrated in Figs.
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bad in gout. Alcohol also undoubtedly reduces the bacteri-
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sense of touch was tested with Sieveking's aesthesiometer, and the tem-
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and Lane Hospital. Dr. Lane is a very prominent surgeon,
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cubation ended on the eighth day. In the beginning the symptoms are
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ure, intermediate between the ablution and the half-bath, which have
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At the restaurants one may imagine himself in Paris. One
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Wood, Seguin, and other equally able and zealous men. A
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liar to the latter. The discovery of Laveran is of the highest practical
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effect on the course of the disease. They are useful, however, in relieving
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These experiments indicate that an irrigation of 110° increased
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Nervous Diseases Forty Years Ago— Somnambulism — Hypnotism —
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tion for work was apparent in the profession in general in
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idea of the percentage of fat thus indicated might not be clear
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effect in the battery-room, peculiar to that place and not no-
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them; hut if you take from the older continent the torch of light,
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