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Fractures of the Head of the Fibula from Muscular Con

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consideration of those anatomical and physiological facts which

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reading of the quantity of urea corresponding to a given amount

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cal or social therapy. Studies were conducted using patients

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The theory of an arrested or deficient innervation of the

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part at a distance from that to which they have been applied

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and probably lodged at the base of the brain fracturing the skull.

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tous inflammation which occurs in two forms a miliary infiltration

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grippe and extended to the ethmoid bone terminating in

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stances generated in the course of the disease at the present time

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figures like the above it becomes necessary to take account

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specific nature and of a singular quality. It does not like

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is heard a continuous venous hum. A deep inspiration intensifies while

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bear of the American student rather than a subject of living

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middle of December that the lower extremities were paralysed.

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polar cold. On the other hand numerous facts attest

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Confederacy. There we believe chloroform to be much more generally

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paralysis remains. Rest is the all important element

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of the throat. The symptoms increase for four or five days

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