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at first, as the accumulated water can still escape by the occasional
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Bright's disease may exist in either the acute or chronic form,
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is severe and demands earnest attention. Vomiting is common
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continuously traced. Thus, it is frequently urged that uric acid and
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driven out of the circulation. They w^ould be largely deposited in
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comer of the abdominal cavity. These latter, although tneir dislocation
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by gradual infiltration with urate salts. In such cases it is not un-
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countries. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of
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are not given in time to stop the action of the rheumatic poison on
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every time they take active exercise, such i^ersons are liable to be laid
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by some to be beneficial. Care must be taken not to inhale it too
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guarded against, by taking the medicine through a glass tube, or rins-
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surgical operation of passing a ligature around the vein affords relief.
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salicj^l compounds act. Having done this, we are in a position to
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Bismuth is a valuable remedy and may be given in five or ten
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be left to the discretion of hired girls or unskillful nurses. The
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is a powerful common poison, burning and destroying the tissues, yet
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t])e best therapeutic management, is steadil}' toward a fatal issue at
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renders it harmless. Cold destroys the yellow fever germ, and heat
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Succeeded by Dr. McLane — Dr. Edward Curtis — Dr. Peabody
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tuations of urinary acidity and discharge of urates that occur during
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sary to at once recognize the fact of pregnancy, a little judicious
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between the ages of two and fifteen years. Infants and old people
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unable to execute the slightest movement of extension. Examina-
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more territory is successively involved. By means of the fingers and
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cians often find it necessary to control the pain by the administration
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disturbances, we may consider for a moment the inflammatory pro-
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dry pepsin powder into a pint of warm milk. Let it stand till the
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Menthol Liniment. — This is a very efficient remedy for head-
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These also require for their oxidation so large a proportion of the
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disease (pancreatic diabetes), have made this relationship more ex-
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children suffering from acute or subacute rheumatism, presents a
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with such children, it is not only troublesome but difficult to over-
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rheumatic fever in the same way that the cinchona compounds cure
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the surface are presided over by delicate little sensitive nerves, which
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out reaching any final result. Could it be shown that uric acid is
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laro-e enough to completely obstruct it and prevent the entrance
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thorough medical education unless you had supplemented it with
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excretion of this acid in no way runs parallel with the total nitrogen output,