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in certain parts of the skeleton, and the deposition
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ported during the first two weeks, when the production was
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that have been observed, also that the greater part of the chloral is exhaled
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^ Des Paralyses dans les Maladies aigues. Par Dr. L. Landouzy. Paris : Bailliere
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spot that it was desirable to incise, so that step by step the
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before. The diphtheroid grew in pure culture from the first discharge
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used, seems strong proof of the existence of the propei-ty claimed for it.
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there are retained matters, the jiresence of which excites irritation, an
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therefore, he has still about three months to serve. A
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tion, is the length of time neceasary to confine the patient ;
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The wound was filled with granulations, rather pale and flabby.
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Not only did alcoholised animals show the effects of inocula-
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Among the soldiers the disease was not so severe as among the
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of boiling water. From the condition of the soft parts and joints, it appeared
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the growth of the mass is fixed at a certain point of develop-
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The researches of Quinquaud, communicated to the Anatomical
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tonsillar inflammation. The enlarged glands w^ere too high to be due to
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dense fibrous tissue, but Freer claims that it reforms, especially in tbe
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was then taking seven drops of the mixture, or three drojjs and
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J'en pense bcaucoup de Inert et beaucoup de mal, said
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reflex symptoms from movable kidney do not warrant operar
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began to feel " Bbarp twiogcB" of pain in the left breast. In August,
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adays does it out of a weak complaisance to an imperi-
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per minute. Lumbar puncture revealed a turbid spinal fluid, showing 9.800
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blood but not in immunized blood in vitro would be a jK^sitive
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supernumerary cartilage articulated with the sternum on the right
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a quarter of an hour, skimming carefully, and stirring with a
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legality of the physician’s conduct, the situation
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Spleen. — The spleen is nearly always swollen at the beginning and
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1896, xviii. 526-528. — Watlielet (A.) Recherches hac-
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been general throughout the country, but some towns
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strength of an infant's neck," and the operator must accept
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are applied at a distance from twelve to fifteen millimeters, and are covered
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It is because of this peculiar property that Vin Mariani is of such value
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testines, including their adne.xa, are affected by or-
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pear in the perfectly characteristic symptoms that oc-
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Marked emaciation, apparently the result of the cerebral lesion, is