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had mentioned amenorrhoea as being present in certain

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similar results from the air of the Capitol grounds

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certain cases to exclude it where it has been suspected.

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that if we count it several times in succession we may J

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Atthiu speaking of these cases in which abortion could not be averted

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is transformed into the incus. The second piece is sepa.

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better enables the encroaching white man to observe their manners

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spreading very far. Confined in this manner the blood coagulates

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From these cases one observes that of the ten patients four yielded

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numerous sinuses and fistulous openings. Where Holt s method

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any excess of barytes that might have been added. The

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menstruation was normal she was somewhat ansemic. These

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beyond doubt that they had cases of serious haemorrhage from

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of hearing. Sometimes cauterisation with solid nitrate of silver suffices to

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The speech from the Throne announced that a Bill would

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chitecture of the room but little else This is of course

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are infected. The recruiting medical officer who is an

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cases are on record in which individuals have died of sleeping sick

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others classing the use of the auto as a fad. The conclusion

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febrile and other symptoms subside and the exudations in the

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consecutive days there can be no danger in using it. Clothing curry

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ftimulus or even from much lefs quantities of ftimulus than ufu

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What the author has to say on operative treatment of fractures of

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performed ray last official act and completed the final duty

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and example the duty the physician owes his patient his brother

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committees on the various departments of the profession appointed at the previ

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involved by the inflammation and the constitutional

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of nephritis when pain fluctuation of the kidney albuminuria

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solution of potassium permanganate did not begin to

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commence experience and the application of those prin

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eases may also be complicated and stand in the relation of cause and

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his Genera Morborum published in and in some respects his

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excellent. The garbage is received in galvanized iron barrels and contents removed

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observers to confine their careful examinations to the

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them as chairmen of the committees specially charged with the arrange

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The reflex or sympathetic coughs are to be treated by

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yet been detected. That the organism is the immediate cause of

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be given four days after the first was administered

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liquid. The amount must naturally vary according to the