Proair Hfa Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Aerosol

stimulant ; atropine is indicated where exudation is abundant,

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can be fastened at will ; 2 suture needles (Larrey's pattern) ; 1 ball-

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JLmmonia, Water of.— H. & C, oz. +-1 (cc. 15.-30.). Sh. & Sw., dr. 1-3

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Dose.— Foals and calves, gr.x.-xv, (.6-1.); D., gr.i.-x. (.06-.6).

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fessional associates and of all the various Boards of Trustees. In

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bic. Again, if instead of a single substance we convey a mixed

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tlieir kennels, and dropping in cloths, sponges, or absorbent

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Sherry (vinum xericum, B. P.), 15 to 20 per cent, of absolute

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males, enjoy almost a complete immunity from it; indeed, I consider

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perhaps twice a day. and it is both neat and nnirritatinp. After

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We, therefore, from clinical observations and therapeutical deduc-

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Capsicum, Fluidextract of. — Dose same as Capsicum.

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croup, 4 — diaiTluea, 1 — drop.-;y, 3 — dropsj- of the brain, 4 — cry.sipclas, 2 — fever, 1 — sjcarlet

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woods, as well as opposite towards the river Trent, a broad sandy

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(2) Heat loss. — There is a centre for heat dissipation

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the femur, and are therefore unaffected by the change in j)osition.

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and that the constitutional conditions connected Avith them are of a

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or three inches of the end of the stump, and finishing the operation

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palm or sole of the foot, at once as a syphilitic affection. This is a

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Action Internal. — Alimentary Canal. — Carbolic acid exerts

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should be rapidly increased until physiological efi'ects are

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and closed alternately ; the nostrils opened, as if the animal experi-

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upon the heart. Large doses first increase the force and

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complishment, and it is to these that its attention first of all should be

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dry ; throat slightly reddened ; pupils contracted. Ordered cups to

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apparent councctiuu of this mortality with the physical character of

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Haschisch is a confection of the drug. Arabian habi-

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proiluoo, am! thus almost inevitably }?ettii)p: cliroiiic like its cause —

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udation in the nostrils, less in amount, was more slowly renewed.

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notice. I seized upon them as those I had long sought for. As Dr.

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termed it, fainting, not always unconsciousness, and lasting but a

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5 ii.-5 viii. horses); to avoid tenesmus and expulsion. "Warm

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for any one neighliorhood, and for all clinical purposes, and will

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was evidently a younir man. not more probably than 21 years of age ;

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action of the vapor causes choking and coughing, and also

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them there until the cure is complete. Their premature removal is a

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" Conia thus obtained has the appearance of a colorless volatile oil, lighter than