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The mesenteric and lumbar glands in these cases aie Toy apt to be-

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of cases streptococci are the cause both of the local affections and the

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dysentery docs not respond to serum therapy or an amoebic one to emetine. ■

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an v.m Surg., Detroit Ann .\ibor, 1899, xxi. 330-338.—

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of Attica, to see Mr. P., a well-to-do farmer, forty-five years of

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candidates, we are told, were to be not over a year old, and ten

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patience of the patient and his friends to quickly re-

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work, but also with special regard to those younger men, in

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served imder a preceptor whose diploma was endorsed by the

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d'^viter la donlcur, r6suni6 de tontcs les expi^ri-

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ease is due to a slowly growing cryptogam, it has been

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Thus many of laparotomies, so-called exploratory incisions and mutila-

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be doubted whether this ever proceeds from hypertrophy. The existence

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flea, when infected, escaped and carried the plague to fresh human beings or to

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clavicular nodes on both sides ; tonsils atrophic. Lungs entirely free from

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zioiie delle doiiiiegravide sovia il feto . . . Trad,

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the President of the State Medical Society with us at one meeting.

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diaphragm or from the fibrous bag of the some measure of success in his conclusion,

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published in the u Medical Gazette." l He \vas a painter, nine-

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Exercise of any kind readily induces breathlessness and pal-

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fears of the dying patients. From the staff, intervention was

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Divide into four pills. Two to be taken at bed time, and

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Conduct Medal to the undermentioned Non-commissioned Officers and Man for Gallantry and

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will be carried out. As a supplement to the survey, the

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Case XV* — Paralysis rapidly becoming general — Old Apoplectic Cyst in

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Pathology. — Microscopical examination of these varying forms

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lids. Since the injury, the left eye has been completely amaurotic. ^Vith this

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It would be impossible in this place to give an analysis of the conflicting state-

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Kopp, of Munich (Munckener Mcdicinischc Wochenschrift, August 1 and

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