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appear to constitute exceptions, and ought to be considered as com-
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The hair is straight, wiry, and with no tendency to curl. The bones of the
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Obre, H., F.R.C.S., at No. 1, Melcombe-place, Dorset-square, on Novem-
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can far outstrip another of equal natural abilities, who has
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sooner withdrew my adversary from the ladies than I
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man's Hospital, New York, has reported (Amer. Jour.
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lacriniation, and blepliarospasm. Diminished sensation affects the or^'ar-.
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ceded for a few days by prodromata, such as a feeling of malaise, indis-
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zungen des rnenscblicben Aiiges. Arcb. f. Oplitb., Leipz.,
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the infection in spite of treatment, although in insufiicieut amount to
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Applications received from candidates --------- 692
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her in frequent, violent pains, but. as before, no dilatation, and no expulsive force
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and the son of the Earl of Cork," played no inconsiderable part,
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If they had chosen the chimpanzee, the ape just below him in size and
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England and Wales during a series of years ending with 1861. The
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With the noon meal drink a pint of lager beer or one half pint of
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influenza patients continued their journeys to all quarters of the com-
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marked upon the face than upon the rest of the body. Lewin has
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to dull and kill the force of the venomous herb Aconi-
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nerves, Init containing no sebaceous or sweat glands nor hair follicles.
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this direction was followed, the autopsy revealed the fact
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amcebse in the glands, in the submucosa, and in the lymph- and
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heart was very well marked. The trachea was uninjured, and in it
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path than that which leads to success, especially in
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lasting from a few hours to several days. The skin was not swollen,
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Electrolyzed sea-water and a solution of hypochlorous acid of the same
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in succession. Amputation of the arm high up had finally been
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1915;) escharotics painful, without corresponding utility; and
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suggest, — half humorously, if need be, — that among the indul-
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nitrite of amyl to produce an effect, but he was also aware that in at least two
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been noticed at the time, is certainly no less unsupported by evidence
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It is probably true that a great many women who are not known to be
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form of intestinal tuberculosis occurs chiefly about the ileocecum. The
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catheterizing him after operation because of a tight prepuce we circumcised
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normal, and on microscopic examination the hejiatic cells show cither
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of the epidemic fever of 1847-8, more especially as deduced
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