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Belfast; Denis Peter Macdonald, Queen's College, Cork; Peter

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the distance of the spectacle-glass from the patient's eye. An ophthal-

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with his medical practice, but found time to make brilliant contributions to the wave theory

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way in which the bones are locked together, by this

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on tliis elusive disease. The daily saturation of the patien*^ Nvith AUouez-Magnesia

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peripheral distribution of a nerve trunk. The motor filaments may partici-

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the hearing distance for the voice was considerably in-

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(W. L.) Alcoholic maniacal epilepsy ; transitory disturb-

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happy lunatics, I coincide entirely with the opinions of the Baron Pisani, '

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(without cream or sugar). Remove an hour afterwards. In

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much attention in Europe or in this country ; we now extract an article

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In the secret recesses of every doctor's soul these great words

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sense of power, increased self-esteem and vigor, decreased

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the method in question. I gladly admit that I have never

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it, and I have not since heard anything of this ca«e. That was

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nated. The immediate covering of the tumour was composed

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make), I come to the treatment of hysteria, which com-

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Monday. Medical Society of London, 8.30 p.m.— Ethnological.—

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and could not raise herself or sit upright. Her memory was much im-

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30 or 40 grs. to creasote ointment 1 oz., may be used. This causes severe

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The Diazo Reaction of Ehrlich. — The reaction was given in 61 per

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writes : " I have seen a few true cancers of the tongue, lip, hand

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mittee, whose principal function at the present time is

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may deaden the stimulus by conscious control, we cannot pre-

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some poison absorbed from the lungs or pleurae. Cases

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als Probirstein der sogenannten Erysipelaceen. Vrtljschr.

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differences in diet and in the consumption of animal food by the

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I do not like to leave raw surfaces to become inftxjted later. I now

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tined for a physical immortality. When we consider the organs

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tion and other effects mediated by B-adrenergic receptors, its effect on blood

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higher regions have the largest lungs. The great practical inference is, what-

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It is doubtful, according to Dr. Quain, whetlier wo have at

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would say, would give great responses. But we find he, or she, is not

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ing the advantages further, let me mention the disad-