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the radius and the ulna; and its sides may be called hence radial and

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the subject. He says that previous writers have spoken

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who helped out Opimius (I Epist. VIII, 9 ; Sat. II, 3, 142).

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the pain gradually subsided ; and I had the satisfaction to feel a

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Acts Amendment Bill and the proceedings of the General Council of

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(104° F.), the pulse varied between 55 and 70, and the respirations

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hremonhages ; the choice offered to us between a tedious, difficult, and

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sponding flap of the skin of the penis by silk sutures I complete the

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quantity required for absolutely pure iodide of potassium.

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Apropos of a case of Bright's disease, Dr. Charlton remarked that he

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the majority of cases the only surgical treatment necessary is puncture

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the continued movement had resulted in formation of superficial

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fourth right lower molar projected beyond the others nearly half an

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taker, when, in a familiar manner, he put one arm round his neck, and suddenly

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gigantic extent of which called forth correspondingly great exertions to

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shonM 1 ,T'T ""■'"'''""•''''''^ "'^' "«= universities and corporations

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(a) the delirium of adults, occurring early in the history of the disease,

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sutures. Litter was again provided. Food and drink were given as

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logical examination. The appetite was capricious. Percussion

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existence for some time, occasionally for several weeks ; and, provided

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freely under the skin, which was loose and natural over it. It was not

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tamed With the exception of a slight febrile reaction, lasting about

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studies. The expenses will be covered by the inscription fees, the

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and a dose of aloes and calomel given to unload the bowels. Cold

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§ Horace at fifty speaks of his carelessness of dress, on account of

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Charles Q., 21. No ac- 1. Pain in all joints, especially knees. 1. Prolonged 1st sound at apex, slight murmur; reduplication

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by veterinary surgeons who practise in country districts. It is also

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gluteus, which interfere with, render feeble, or disorder its contraction.