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Hollands, Robert Arthur, s, River Forest. S.B. '33.

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poisoning, particularly after severe poisoning with carbonic oxid, morphin,

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The results of thyroidectomy in exophthalmic goiter (vide infra) also favor

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With regard to all other alleged etiological factors, confirmatory evidence

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cord, most frequently in tabes, because this, as we shall see later, is a direct

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conditions, especially in cerebral infantile paralysis ; the intelligent child feels

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the tissues. The walls of the blood vessels become abnormally permeable and

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has once had sciatica must avoid with special care all exposure which may

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lated medical students. B. Warnqford prizes; The sum of £40 is

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the nerves by the bacteria rather than to the general toxic effect of the dis-

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44. Clinic at Cook County Psychopathic Hospital. — 24 hours. .2Mj. M., 4:00-6:00.

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Four residence halls for women students — Beecher, Foster, Green, and Kelly — are

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in the upper dorsal cord) ; cutaneous reflexes retained, sometimes increased.

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*they are water soluble and careful consideration should be giv^ to

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higher centers, to the brain cortex. Accurate examination of all forms of

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above examination before attending their first course of lectures, the

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Farley, Otis Rhanor, a, w, sp, Bellingham, Wash. S.B. (U. of California at Los Angeles)

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Treatment is symptomatic. Lukewarm baths, with douching, narcotics, and

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life, the patient has only moderate discomfort, and usually retains considerable

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that the product Is equal to or better than the grade required by thd purchase Instrument.

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The specification may clte^still other docijnents, such as the military standards and

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Paul H. Van Verst, M.D., Clinical Associate in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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disturbances involve the simple sensations of touch and especially the muscular

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on the autopsy table where the symptoms during life were completely obscured

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of £4> 4s. E. Jdf Medal : This medal " is awarded annually to the-

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If a person takes or nses the designation of any qnalification or oertifioate in

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Stevens^ Triewaial Prize is of 200 dols. value, and is awarded for an

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ejiaminations for flavor and odor are Also considered in grading shrimp.

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Clinical History. — Tuberculous meningitis almost always begins with a

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solutely single affection, and that therefore we must expect a priori certain

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pons, etc.), has been recentty confirmed, especially by Scandinavian investi-

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(c) Body checks - eggs whose shells were cracked prior to leavlna the

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students for the following degrees of Madras University: Bachelorship

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servations indicate that the disease may also occur in families, so that we

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the best modes in which to take the desired exercise. We need hardly say that

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race and place of residence are of setiological importance. So far as is known,

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jurious substance (" parenchymatous inflammation," or, better, " degenerative

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intelligence in most cases is perfectly normal, but exceptionally children with

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disturbances, the palpitation and dyspnoea, and finally in the long list of

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sion and traumatic destruction, in new growths, and especially in syrin-

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All these fibers are closely associated with those organs which are intended

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antagonistic contracture of the other sterno-mastoid. Motion in the opposite

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times been found absent in cerebellar disease. This symptom also is probably