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Griibler in Leipsic. The staining is carried out as follows: the air-dried smear

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of either was found. In view of these results tests to show whether the normal

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the red corpuscles, in the haemoglobin, and in the colour -index. This case forms an

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weakness following acute disease. Therefore it is very im-

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is a great increase in the quantity of its fibrine, which, accord-

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peculiar preservation of tactile sense in syringomyelia should enable the

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Directly above the duct the upper surface of the liver and the fissure for

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escaped it who came under my care. After my return to London in the autumn,

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after being washed with water. The raw pieces were less dissolved,

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aud she about gave up hope of recovering or even liv-

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and frequently contain blood or blood mixed with products of pancreatic

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Dr. a. Jacobi offered the following amendment to the

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causes operate chiefly on the fore feet, — although thrushes may

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There is also spasticity of the muscles involved, and this with

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in one eye, which is blind, or surely will be blind, irrespective of the

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H. K., fifteen years of age, was admitted to Charity Hospital Sejit.

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In a number of the illustrations the author has folded up the

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food can only be detected by the microscope, the stricture is below

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ri^t temposphenoidal regicm. The patient was operated on by

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liarly benefited. When aortic trouble is complicated by

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and sinks slowlji to the groimd, without outcry. His face is

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position of bacteriologist to the Loom is Laboratory, in

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to caries of the spine, while, as above suggested, three

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diseased. Lesions of continuity involving the terminal

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On January 16, 1903, he was admitted to the surgical ward of

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is in caring for the patient^ and not in the dollar sign.

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of structure. The hypertrophy was considerable and somewhat regular.

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Excessive perspiration may cause in infants a condition known as

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reported that it had developed several years later was, without doubt,

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July number of this Journal, for the past year. The rules laid down for carry-

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warmth and moisture of the stomach : gases are extricated : acids

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and even to infect the visitors that came within the

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and functional capacity to normal in rheumatoid arthritis . 1

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in deglutition. In the case of large eaters with vigorous digestion, this

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"In a sentimental sense it is regrettable that this step should

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was firmly impacted between the internal condyle of the

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The general effects of the gastric catarrli are emacia-