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Marketing your website

Intune-Media websites are developed with the search engines in mind, but there is so much more that can be done to increase your websites impact, memorability and return on investment.

We have specialist Online Marketing consultants. Using a variety of techniques we help your site perform better on the search engines generating more visitors to your site, helping improve your company's image and making sure that your investment is working to drive sales and enquiries to your business. Our managed campaigns include some or all of the following:

  1. Search Engine Marketing
  2. Copywriting
  3. Strategic Link Building
  4. Web Analytics
  5. Pay Per Click Advertising
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. On-line Advertising
  8. Shopping Directories
  9. On-line PR
  10. Email Marketing
  11. Off-line Marketing

Natural Search Optimisation

Establishing good organic rankings for your site with the search engines - particularly Google - relies on three main pillars of activity: identifying effective keywords, building a great quality site and building incoming links.

1. Initial Keyword Research

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In order to assess the size of a marketplace we perform in depth keyword research. This gives us the EXACT keywords and phrases that search engine users in the UK are actively searching, along with an accurate monthly search volume (subject to fluctuations). Our keyword research queries 2 separate research engines, which in turn query all the major search engines. By doing our research this way, we can provide more accurate results across the board.

We always begin by looking at the most relevant generic terms, the terms that are likely to bring the largest volumes of targeted traffic. This helps us to assess the size of the project and a suitable plan of action. Generic keywords are usually searched by people doing just that, searching. As a searcher makes their way through a natural buying cycle, their searches involve longer strings, maybe 4-5 words. This is known as the long tail and these phrases are where conversions & sales lie.

As a professional search engine marketing agency, we make sure your website targets the right balance of traffic gathering generic keywords and conversion grabbing long tail keywords.

Although we consider all the major search engines when undertaking work for our clients, we appreciate that over 80% of UK searches are performed through With this in mind, we only work to estimated Google search volumes.

2. Putting Keyword Research Into Action - Search Engine Optimisation (On Page Optimization)

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Search engines examine a number of factors when deciding if your website is relevant to a search phrase. The more relevant you are, the higher your search engine ranking. This is a very simplified explanation designed to help you understand the mechanics of search engine marketing. Our keyword research will ensure that your website is relevant to the key words and phrases that matter to your business.

We use a number of methods to ensure that keyword targeting is optimal. This involves us (or your web developers) making very deliberate changes to your HTML and CSS coding. We aim to create a website that has a semantically sound structure (that meets best practice web development guidelines). We also pay particular attention to internal page and linking structures. By optimising these factors we give your website a real competitive edge. At no stage do we forget about usability; a website must work for the visitor and help them through the buying cycle.

Your website homepage should always be the page that targets the search phrases with the highest volumes. These are predominantly the more generic terms. A website's homepage is always the easiest to rank in the search engines, with internal pages becoming exponentially more difficult to rank.

This is why we target the easier, more targeted or long tail key phrases with internal pages. This also mirrors a natural website structure. The deeper into a website you go, the more targeted it becomes; our internal linking structure optimisation techniques ensure your important internal pages receive maximum exposure across the web.

Our approach to search engine optimisation sees our clients enjoy top rankings in even the most competitive of marketplaces. When combined with our extensive search engine marketing services, it's impossible not to succeed.

3. The Next Stage - Search Engine Marketing

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Search engine marketing is a methodical and analytical process that increases relevance, authority and popularity in order to achieve higher rankings across the search engines. It is no secret that links to your website play the major role in reaching this goal. The science and skill involved in attracting and creating the right kind of links is infinitely more complex. With strict search engine terms of service to adhere to, it is easy for the uninitiated to cause a website penalty. Search engine penalties can include complete and permanent exclusion from a search engine.

We only pursue best practice and ethical methods of search engine marketing, ensuring that you always stay within the guidelines.

In depth keyword research plays an important role in establishing high rankings; by crafting keyword rich links, we increase relevance and authority.

We use in depth competition analysis to dissect competing websites. We can deduce exactly how they have achieved their top ranking and firstly equal it, then surpass it with our own advance search engine marketing techniques.

When marketing your website, our goal is create the biggest footprint possible, this involves utilising a number of differing techniques including but not limited to :

  1. Social Voting
  2. Social Networking
  3. Viral Marketing / Linkbaiting
  4. Forum Participation
  5. Blog Participation
  6. Content Creation
  7. Online PR
  8. Directories

By using a blend of techniques, we can avoid search engine weighting changes to algorithms, something many of our competitors fall foul of. By aware that search engine marketing is a completely dynamic landscape, it changes daily. We remain at the top of our game by constantly testing new techniques via our extensive bed of 'built for testing' websites.

A successful search engine marketing campaign must be approached in a slow and methodical manner, too much activity can break terms of service and penalties can be imposed, this is why we offer 6 month contracts as a minimum. You should expect to see rankings improve within a month to two months but be aware that the first page can take up to 6 months to achieve in competitive markets.

Search engine marketing yields one of the highest returns on investment available in advertising today. Once you begin to experience this for yourself, you are welcome to extend your contract as all our other clients do.