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Communication. — A paper on the Diagnosis of Abdominal Tumours,


applied. So far as the shape of the instrument was concerned, he be-

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as well saw faces which she recognised as old neighbours, and particu-

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dent referred to the adoption of a code of ethics by the Association,

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believed, from the symptoms presented, that both would have died if

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the child near his surgery. In the evening, he received a message

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occasion to make use of such an article. It is prepared by Messrs.


results from hygienic precautions; for heredity has its limits. The de-

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were 3,435 district and 6S5 workhouse medical officers, making alto-

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misunderstanding on the part of the German authorities. This seems

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it possible for us now to assemble in these spacious premises, to give

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to the plan adopted by the other medical journals. He believed that

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persisted in attributing his death to the creosote. I therefore set to


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trials of the carbolic acid treatment, and had met with disappointment

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SOUTHEND, Argyleshire— Parochial Medical Officer.

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What would be the record of one who impartially set down the aims of the

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Dinner will be provided at 5 o'clock precisely. Charge, 5s., ex-

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Modern Languages. Two Exhibitions, one consisting of two instal-

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£^ 5s. each year. — Queen's Hospital: second year, two prizes of £Ti 3s.

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at some of the places on the Caspian Sea. B ut in the autumn of last


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holding a conference at present : the Dublin and Queen's Universities,

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Thus have we seen that, in every county where there is a high mor-

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Blewitt, R. W. Parker, C. Mayo, M.D., J. C. Galton, W. Ward, H.


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present. And lastly, the junior offices in our hospitals must open

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vides for a uniform schedule of disease. 4. That it might be performed

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by whose name it is called, but in the enormous range, deadly preci-

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means of public handbills should be diffused through every family, as