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urinal dribbling of the aged and the young, provided paralysis

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tate gathers more and more at the lower end of the tubes. At the

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ferments fail to clot the milk. They thus may appear in great

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by making deep and free incisions. Wash the mouth and

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the frost is out before you discover they have been frozen

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who saw no patients at all. At present of 131 members, some 32

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infection. The ulcer is generally small, circular, exca-

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from the eyes and nose, with heat and pain in the frontal sinus,

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ness, continually on the increase. Finally, the inferior

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controlled by it. It is an excellent agent in acute tonsillitis, when

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terized by unhealthy secretions, and in febrile diseases and in in-

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result. Among such drugs there are none which are superior to

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stantly above 100 beats per minute, and a temperature above 100°,

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ological, psychological, and other methods and facts can be directly

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This syrup constitutes a palatable form of the iodide of iron.

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letting, and some of the older men spent much time in showing

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which we can follow all the contours. It will not be a

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pressure on the bladder by voluntary contraction of the abdom-

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top, and though we get the dullness of water below, and succus-

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yet truly answered, — what is there in the nature,

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specific against abortion. I have been told by several parties that

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evidence of a strong will, and determination to get well, is a real

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was exquisitely tender, and the patient screamed out, ^^ Oh,

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Indications. — Atony of the stomach and bowels, with feeble

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with atony of the cirulation, is benefited by its use, as is also

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11. Injury of the_ Cerebrum. By A. Clendinen, Jr., M.D., 220

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necessary to make an incision in the lower part of her leg

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tion, and is quite efficient in chordee. It has long been valued in