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The contagion in the case of extragenital chancres may take place in

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vers, sometimes forced to step on them and be over-

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currence, and thereby induce a habit which, if left to the preca-

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ration of the cicatrix, the relapses have not been more frequent

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gallons of beer daily for fifteen years without any obvi-

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them. The Association of Alembcrs is rather more am-

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also settled a question over which there has been much contro-

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chorea. Singer found the streptococcus in the various organs

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excite suspicion; and he must be a shrewd diagnostician who can detect

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ichthj^ol, pyrogallic acid, etc., salt baths, or alum, soda, sublimate,

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should also recollect that in fever, as well as in other diseases in which

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quentiy difficult and always delicate technic of local anesthesia. Be-

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Case 8. Uterus with Pus- Tubes atid Ovaries Removed Per Vaginam.

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interests of both staffs and patients, this should be done.

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in common, is not to be denied. It is quite certain that the common

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To public retractation or apology can ever make amends for the injury which

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eration of the preventive measures of the board of health

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No. 2 Chambers Street, New York City, and the subscription, $5.00 per

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must be directed to the removal or prevention of this tend-

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Paskola is a pre-digested food and digester of food.

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wall. Here, however, it should be said that though, gene-

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requires its continuance for a period not limited to months, but embrM-

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the representatives of ideas that require long and copious

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— In an article headed A "Shake-up" in the New York City

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pillar and from its upper attachment for about three-fourths of the