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assimilation that is afforded by the droppings of their parents.

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Delegate to New York State Medical Society Convention, Dr. C. J. Patter-

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years. The popularity is probably chiefly due to the great superiority of their illustrations

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(i) A cent on the umbilicus. (2) The stomach. ( j;) The riiiht sacro-

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standing these objections, the fact remains that in cases of

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intensity of the vulvitis, either idiopathic, traumatic, or gonor-

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Philadelphia; ex-President of the American Neurological Associa-

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worse than our neighbors beyond the ocean. The sentiment

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art and music critic in Europe for many years. In 1914 she

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These instructions are being augmented by the observations of

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" A physician shall forthwith, after the death of a person

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ried his case to the Supreme Court, on exceptions based on

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primary career of Koch, the distinguished Berlin professor. Dur-

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bladder which represented the urinary output of the right kidney

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vivo and in vitro by ether and chloroform vapor). However, it

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in the spermatic fluid of old men, and at other times, for a

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warning three times, to throw both solid and liquid wastes from

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He died in Summit, New Jersey, on February 10, 191 1.