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of the muscles also gradually returned, but inversel}^ to the way in which it
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tic Radiologists and Surgeons. UCD at Resort at Squaw Creek, Squaw
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ninety degrees, the knees may be spread apart and the hips
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therapeutic endoscopy. Excellent salary and generous
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allaying irritation and soreness. In making your poultice see that they
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5. Contusions of small intestine while in a hernial sac.
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to $24,840,000.00 for medical services alone. It may be that this .
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lated y only one died in eleven days. Rabbits were most susceptible,
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is elicited by strongly flexing the great toe while the lower
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Right treatment could not be carried out. Counter irritants
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and localized to a limb affected with Jacksonian disturbances.
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increased in ])roportion to the increased iodine content.
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ally, the experimental evidence shows that they diminish shock in
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parasitol., Par., v. 5 (2), 15 fev., pp. 209-2o0, 3 figs., pi. 1, figs. 1-6. [W a ,
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modified. In six cases of hemicrania at the menstrual
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ledge as to the real dangers, consents. Then comes desertion, dis-
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they begin to bloom. Then if irrigation begins at the time
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has been tested for the specific typhoid reaction, and it can now be asserted
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typical fibre-type about the cavity. But this fibre mass, devoid of cells,
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(66.6 per cent) of the total showing T 4 abnormali-
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Serum F (commercial) represents the regular meningococcus and parameningo-
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Banister, J. M., first lieutenant and assistant surgeon. Or-
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partook of some gruel, and rested well during the night. Next
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ars})henamine, even though dissolved in hot water, meets the toxicity
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in the alxlomen, u'hi(;h did not a[)pear to have any con-
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normal. Patient, feeling perfectly well, was allowed to get up for
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tion in matters of detail: The term "U.S. Health Administration"
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of unknown etiology, most of which are more or less alcoholic. The
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position ; if these do not quickly restore the patient, nothing else wilL"
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The dressing must fill two requirements; it must absorb the dis-
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We invite them to meet us upon the broad field of competition,
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empties itself completely at each pulsation. It is my own
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life before, and was amazed to discover the natural color of his
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Schwartz, Ernest. Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine.
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of their own, but all of which agree in posseesing the power
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followed by cure then lay the abscess open, by a free
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Physical Examination showed no defect of special senses or of epicritic or
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The successful industrial physician must be an organizer and an