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tance than the change in percentage of vital capacity as com-
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(a) The lesion is cleansed of surface crust, detritus, pus,
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from other diseases, the bacilli remain active, and the reaction does not
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(2) Antigen dilution bottle. 30 ml, round, narrow mouth glass
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d. Adjustment of Hydrogen-Ion Concentration. The hydro-
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Whooping-Cough. — It is only in that form of whooping-cough
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Prefaced by a few general remarks on the pulse, temperature,
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the annual assembling of the Institute at Niagara Falls, N. Y.,
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1:5,000,000,000 dilutions are prepared using 10 percent rabbit
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"'Eczema and psoriasis are two general affections, which by preference
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(3) Benedict's quantitative reagent. Dissolve 87.0 gm of
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points have demanded consideration, and it has by no means been easy to
times with plugs of white corpuscles (white stasis). Emigration (an active
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153. Choice of Spectral Wave Band or Light Filter for an
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HORACE GRAY, M. D., New England Deaconess Hospital, Boston.
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of burrs. This fact led me to the conclusion that nasal cavities
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immunity against the lethal dose, but never against many times that dose.
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the detection and differentiation of the acid-fast bacilli, such as
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aspects of this patient at her lirst entry. The first thing worthy
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mixture is perfectly harmless, heating destroys the antitoxine, but not the toxine.
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Experience with these two indi\iduals made it possible to
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stopped and then started again." This was undoubtedly an
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will develop. The color is produced by the reaction of ferric
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The general effects of an intoxication in bacterial infections may now be con-
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toric part. In return, I have striven to base my conclusions not
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kinds of neuralgia, etc. It is not a narcotic or anodyne simply,
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Pus or fluid in infected wounds may be collected on sterile cotton
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diphtheria, glanders, tubercle, leprosy, typhoid fever, tetanus, malignant
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family Muscidae, is a biting fly that closely resembles the common
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possibility. However, there were several points which indi-
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the culture is virulent the unprotected chick dies in
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occurs at Montpelier, Oct. 17 and 18, 1883, and ask your hearty
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ice cream mix, condensed milk, etc.), it is necessary to
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by intoxication, and it is the latter which produces the really serious
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and has never been known to cause infection in man.
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