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in one hundred and twenty eight adult post mortems with

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had known the patient for years and could saj this was

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with the following result W. S. Kooker of Philadeljjhia

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newer remedies are guaiacol glj cerine ichthyol sozo iodol and

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governor and first vice president and chairman of the me lt ira

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could practise in England the price of feeling a pulse

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is made into the groove of the staff through the urethra


likelihood of lesion at either end also to bring focal

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must again bear in mind the probability that the ointment would

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culous man tills the soil he heals himself in a sub

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I try of automohile painting in which sandpapering figures as part of

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no flooding now it came on in considerable quantity the pains

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have. recourse to calomel and opium or tartar emetic according

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have more diseases than he knew Thus to reckon clinical against

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ing of the matriculation examinations and registration and shall

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the tube remained nearly three months owing mainly to tlie diffi

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been appointed physician to the Asylum for Poor Children at Nijni Novgorod.

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well. He had been far more highly educated than was

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rooms as possible and to secure artificial ventilation if necessary.

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fatal complaint it is amenable to treatment if properly and

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thymus. He puts his subject into the sitting position depresses the chin

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thotonos. His pulse became extremely rapid and feeble his face

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it depends upon a defective secretion of the neighboring organs.

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principle of combining three sizes in one called the surveyor s patent

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increased activity at the site of injection. This latter

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in my wards. I make a groat distinction between such operations

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gia for two days and I do not remember seeing one suffer more

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of the inflammatory process. The author describes its

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until the normal water content of the tissues is reestablished. Since

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posure to the weather but within reasonable limits and only so that they

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looks fairly clean though there is a little suppuration from the ends.

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Masland theorized that a management decision might have

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Australian Medical Gazette The Times of India American Journal of