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spine or skull has the diagnosis been made intra vitam. Even
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a nerve are the more niunerous the nearer we go to its origin in the brain,
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from the semicircular canals, and acted as an informing
some records published tolling of such and mich a tumor re-
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The cells are identical with those of the primary growth, and are composed
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in a dilution of 1 to 2500 in twelve hours, while with lower dilutions
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tity of liquor acts A'^ery violently iq)on the nervous
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a victim to the poison thus communicated. But then, he suffers
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without producing the desired effect, the Doctorcon-
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ing pain more or less severe in the lumbar region for
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work and clinical studies conducted by the hospital staff.
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the gradual increase of the softening in the manner alluded to ; and
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analojrous is one mentioned by Velpeau C'M6d. Oper., ii., 507) in which a
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the affected joints ; this is usually slight, but is sometimes so severe as
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and Examiner of Recruits at Chicago, 111., to Department
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of 24 cases could be followed for a longer period. Of these 8 were
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Dr. Lockhart Clarke recommended the continued current, with phosphates
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Patients the subject of this form of phthisis are usually of
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tendent of the Milwaukee County Insane Asylum, asking the
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place by means of long anatomical arcades, the origins of which in the import-
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extensive softening with cavity formation in left upper lobe ;
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erative seizure frequency and / or complete discon-
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cavity, and numerous small hemorrhagic points scattered over the
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the sensibility of the glossopharyngeal nerve, whether from
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veston. A negro died with black-vomit, and a similar matter
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