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several times its ordinary volume, and in all (8) some enlargement."
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"The doctors have decided that there is nothing very grave
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tracts with the intermediaries no later than July 1,
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teral and secondary. Thus, from a careful examination
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The clinical phenomena of paroxysmal haemoglobinuria have
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patient by means of a " Kater " pendulum, and swinging this so as to
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to bed, was i>laying with his toys; took no morphine,
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a sort of semi-malignancy. These tumours were fully described by Dieffen-
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Rec. d'lipht.. Par., 1899, 3. s., xxi. 101. — Chibrct. La
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suppurative or not, frequently manifest themselves in the connective tissue
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these forceps, said that they presented an anatomical de-